Characteristics of a Good Candidate

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These are a few of the items CTV would define as characteristics of a good candidate.

Fire in the Belly

Someone who has “fire in the belly”can make a good candidate. This is a term used in political circles to describe someone who has a desire to win and is willing to overcome obstacles.


Those willing to serve suggested someone may be qualified to lead. Public service is just that, serving the needs of the people above the needs of self.One must also consider, as a servant leader, if you are the best person for the job or if someone else is more equipped and “meant for this hour” vs you. A servant serves the better good of the people, not the best interests and desires of you the candidate.

Hard Working

Running for office is no easy task. A campaign will take every ounce of energy and spare time. A candidate must be prepared to rise early and stay up late to get the job done.

Judeo-Christian Values Base

An individual’s worldview will dictate every decision he or she will make. Their political, social, or economic philosophy will depend on where their core beliefs are derived from. This determination is critical in every race, even at the local level.

Able to Communicate

Candidates must be able to speak in public and be able to articulate a message, even in the face of adversity. No candidate will be able to agree with all the voters, however, he or she must be willing to listen to all sides of an issue, and be able to communicate with supporters and opponents.

Clear Message

Voters don’t want a candidate who has a fancy logo and a nice brochure. A candidate must know how to appeal to voters and rally them behind a common cause with a clear message.

Team Player

An ideal candidate understands that a winning strategy requires a team effort involving volunteers and financial supporters. A candidate must be willing to ask, and allow others to help him.

Political Experience

An understanding of the political system, and experience in running a campaign gives a candidate a big edge over an inexperienced opponent.

Knowledge of the Issues

A proper understanding of state and local issues is a necessity for a candidate. Knowledge of issues important to all groups such as senior citizens, farmers, small business, churches, etc. is critical.

Support of Family

As mentioned, a campaign will take every spare moment. The support of one’s spouse and children is not only a plus, it is key.