Supported by People Like You

Citizens for Traditional Values is supported entirely by the generous donations of businesses, individuals, and churches. Our supporters share in our vision of EDUCATING citizens on issues that are important to us, ADVOCATING for traditional family values and engaging in POLITICAL ACTION by endorsing candidates and policies. Thank you for investing in our vision and mission.


Citizens for Traditional Values Foundation (CTVF)

Donations to CTVF are tax deductible. Citizens for Traditional Values is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit that EDUCATES and equips citizens to get involved in and have a better understanding of the political process. We do this by hosting seminars, briefings, and other educational events designed to empower people with a voice. There is no contribution limit, and both individuals and businesses may contribute to the Foundation’s educational work.


Citizens for Traditional Values

Donations to CTV are NOT tax deductible. Citizens for Traditional Values is a regulated 501(c)(4) that exists ADVOCATES for family values. We promote the proper role of government, advocate for freedom of choice in education, and stand to protect the life of the most vulnerable among us, from life to death. Individual and corporate support ensures that CTV continues to be a powerful voice advocating for traditional values in our state capitol and throughout Michigan.

Political Action

Citizens for Traditional Values Political Action Committee (PAC)

Donations to CTVPAC are NOT tax deductible and can only be given on behalf of individuals. Citizens for Traditional Values is a Michigan registered POLITICAL ACTION Committee (PAC) that endorses candidates and policy that align with our vision and mission.