What we do

How we make a difference

What's it all about?

Recognized by elected leaders and citizens as one of the leading voices in Michigan on behalf of social and economic issues, CTV is known to be a credible, accurate and positive force for Judeo-Christian values.

We consistently:

Monitor issues and participate in discussions with key opinion and elected leaders concerning social conservative issues.
Help candidates and legislators effectively interact with, represent, and reach out to the traditional family values voter.
Identify, recruit, and educate pro-life and pro-family voters and their church leaders on the importance of responsible Christian citizenship.
Train and engage grassroots citizen patriots on how to successfully participate in and influence the public conversation.
Enlighten families with the truth of our Christian heritage and the importance of preserving our freedoms and liberties for the next generation.

In the Capitol – Your Voice
Now, more than ever, Lansing needs a consistent voice representing traditional and family values. Building upon the relationships that we have developed with many of the legislators and staff over the years, CTV represents you with a strong presence in the halls of state government politics.

Our history, credibility and relationships enable us to contend for the values which are so important for the preservation of our society.

Influencing Public Policy – Your Values
An important part of our program is monitoring proposed legislation and interacting with state legislators and other government leaders. Our experienced and trained staff provides position papers to legislators on issues, and testifies at public hearings and committee meetings providing an intelligent, informed viewpoint.

Communicating with You – Your Views
Legislative briefings, conferences, and action alerts are a part of our effort to incorporate you into the lobbying process. Keeping you informed of key votes and updating you on legislative initiatives will enable you to effectively communicate with your state legislators.

Your opinions and what you are hearing among your peers is valuable information for us to more effectively represent you in Lansing. Your views are important to us.