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On the November 6, 2018 statewide ballot, Michigan citizens will be asked to vote on whether to legalize recreational marijuana in our state.​ This ballot initiative, funded by outside-of-Michigan billionaires, is being aggressively pushed by the marijuana industry–Big Tobacco 2.0.

Why should the faith community care if recreational marijuana is legal? Do we have a responsibility to prevent its expansion? Who are we to project our convictions on others? Below is why we believe recreational marijuana passage in Michigan would be a detriment to our families and communities (click here for the full version).

  • Although God’s Word does not specifically mention marijuana, drunkenness is expressly prohibited. And it commands us to be good stewards of our body; its use can cause great harm.
  • Marijuana is a psychoactive substance that impairs a person’s perception of reality, creates passivity, diminishes one’s ability to observe, remember, and reason while creating a numbing effect on the mind and body. Studies show that marijuana usage, especially among young people, can cause brain damage.
  • The concentration of THC (the psychoactive chemical compound in marijuana) in today’s marijuana is much higher than previous generations experienced,​ making the drug significantly more potent. Even a small amount of THC can have a negative impact.
  • Compared to alcohol, a much lower dosage of marijuana can induce intoxication. The purpose for the use of recreational marijuana is to “get high,” violating the Christian value of sobriety. If the scriptures prohibit intoxication by alcohol, they also prohibit intoxication by marijuana. Both impair our ability to fulfill God’s purpose.
  • Instead, Christians should endeavor to be filled with the Holy Spirit and refrain from dulling or diminishing our God-given physical and mental ability to serve and glorify God, hear his Spirit, and obey His voice.

To read our full rationale for opposing the legalization of recreational marijuana, click here.

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Get the facts.

The following links contain helpful information and resources on the effect and impact of recreational marijuana:

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We have a duty.

We believe in being responsible Christian citizens. We have a duty to be active participants in society. What is allowed through legislation or ballot initiatives is influenced by our actions or inactions at the ballot box. We have a duty to work to make sure this society is the best it can be; our citizenship here on earth should reflect and be in good representation of what is represented in Heaven. Law is meant for our protection. Boundaries are to protect us – not to limit our fun.

Unleashing recreational marijuana into the streets of Michigan will be an overall negative on who we are as a people. And it will be bad for our communities.

For these reasons and more, we urge people of faith to take a stand and to help us stop the legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

Please join us in standing for Michigan families and saying no to recreational marijuana on the November 2018 ballot. Like our Facebook page and help educate others by sharing our posts about this issue.

Citizens for Traditional Values is proud to partner with Healthy and Productive Michigan in their “Vote No” campaign opposing the recreational marijuana proposal that will be on the ballot. HPM is networking, educating, and building a coalition of Michiganders who oppose this dangerous proposal. To learn more, visit