Pews to the Polls

Responsible Christian Citizenship

Pews to the Polls: Get Out the Vote

Our Pews to the Polls grassroots initiative promotes the importance of responsible Christian citizenship and provides an avenue to serve and mobilize people of faith into action in strategic churches and locations throughout Michigan. We focus on building rapport with church leaders and Church Liaisons, who serve as a conduit for information between CTV and their local church family. These networks of church liaisons provide educational materials and seminars, conduct voter registration drives, distribute church friendly comparative voter guides, and make gout-out-the vote calls to church members prior to elections.

By moving citizens from Sunday pews to Election Day polls, this program has been proven to effectively increase voter awareness and participation. In close races, increased church voting percentages can make all the difference. When people of faith engage – traditional family values win.

What is a Church Liaison?

This easy, yet very influential, role is crucial to our preservation of traditional family values in Michigan.

A Church Liaison is an ambassador in their local church. Their role is to directly implement the Pews to the Polls grassroots program, providing key information and tools to aid their church in being effective responsible Christian citizens.

As a respected member of the congregation, a Church Liaison works under, and with approval from, the church leadership. This role may look different based on the individual church or pastor and their needs, desires and ministry’s agenda. Also, depending on the size of the congregation, this effort may require the formation of a team to accomplish the suggested goals.

The purpose of this role is not to bring “politics” into the church. Rather, with the understanding that every aspect of our lives (traffic laws, taxes, etc) is influenced by government, it is designed to help citizens take a responsible and engaging role in the decision making process. Government was important enough to God for Him to clearly instruct us:

“The authorities that exist have been established by God. For (governmental authority) is God’s servant to do you good” (Romans 13:1).

God has commissioned us as individuals to be responsible stewards of the freedoms and gifts He has given us on this earth. Therefore, it is important to increase the Church’s awareness of what is happening in the public arena on issues that matter. If people of faith, virtues, integrity and traditional values do not monitor the activity of our local, state and national leaders NOW, our rare system of freedoms could be stripped away…very soon. It is imperative that we be diligent for this and future generations.

This role is not party affiliated, and not tied to any candidate or ballot initiative. It can be as big or as small as a role in your church as you and your leadership decide.

What You Need:

  • Sign up as a Church Liaison (see below)
  • Download and review our Church Liaison Manual
  • The approval of Church Leadership: Make sure the Pastor supports you in this role.
  • A volunteer or two, that will take the information we send you (on important legislation, etc) and put in the church bulletin, share in Bible studies or perhaps mention as announcements at church.

As you consider a Church Liaison role it is important for you to understand:

What does a Liaison do?

Note that every Church is different, just like every person is unique, and everything below is meant to give you an idea of the many opportunities you will have as a Church Liaison to engage your church community. You are not required to do everything on this list! You should take on just what you can handle for now, and in the future you can always take on more, especially as you gather people around you to help.

Assists in Year Round Activities

  1. Organize Citizenship Sundays: There are many ways to be an effective Church Liaison but one of the main hubs we suggest you organize around are Citizenship Sundays
  2. Increase Issue Awareness and Advocacy: Provide timely information about important issues that need attention. Signing up means that you will receive the CTV Memo/Alert emails; sign up for updates from other sources that you trust. Share these alerts in bulletins or on announcement boards, through church email list, phone chain, etc.
  3. Host Events: Plan special seminars, candidate or issue forums, and prayer breakfasts as a way to draw your church’s attention to current leaders or issues and provide opportunities for them to get more involved in a positive and proactive way.
  4. Form an Issues & Action Committee in your church, as an ongoing “Service Team” who commit themselves to be “Watchmen on the Wall” for your church attendees. Establish yourself as a Sunday school class (i.e.) who studies civic engagement in the Bible, prays for area leaders and continually follows key issues – standing ready to tell your church family when action is needed.

You may be surprised at how much fellow worshipers will appreciate your engagement on their behalf in this Church Liaison role.

Assists in Election Activities

Many Christian citizens shy away from Election Day, not understanding its importance. But as residents of this earthly kingdom, and ambassadors of heaven, it is imperative that we are responsible in who we choose to be our governing authorities as they make decisions that impact every area of our lives!

As it gets closer to Election Day in your area, make sure to specifically focus on the following items:

  1. Voter Registration: At least 30 days prior to election encourage all eligible voters to register.
  2. Voter Education Information: prior to the election distribute comparison and non-partisan Voter Guides that contrast candidate’s views on important issues.
  3. Voter Mobilization: A few days before the election, make sure each church member receives an election reminder phone call.