County Convention Checklist

Tools for Precinct Delegates

County Convention Checklist

Here is what you must answer, and/or prepare to do as conventions approach:

1. Are you a Precinct Delegate?

2. Decide: Do you want to go to State Convention?

3. Let you County Party Chair know.

4. Go to your County Convention

5. Vote to select State Convention Delegates.

6. If you are chosen to go, collect the information candidates give you and thoughtfully review it.

7. If you are not chosen to go, continue to watch the process and choose to be prayer support for the State Convention weekend.

8. Experience and enjoy the State Convention.

9. Stay involved whether your candidate wins or not.

How To Know Who To Support

Choosing who to support in your county and state conventions is just like any other election.

1. Find out who is running.

2. Start doing research on the candidates, and understand who they are and where they stand on the issues.

3. Talk to your county party leadership and other in your party community to get their perspective

As a Precinct Delegate you are elected to represent your neighborhood for one of the two major political parties. The positive results that a Precinct Delegate help accomplish are powerful and make a real difference. The process is easy and the likelihood of winning a delegate seat is very high. In some districts only one vote is needed to get elected—and that one vote can be yours!

Precinct Delegates shape issues and leaders within their political party.