Key Michigan Legislation

Why does CTV track legislation?

CTV strives to be a voice for your values in the public arena and to keep you informed about critical issues. We advocate on important topics affecting issues such as: the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, family values, religious freedom and limited government.

We regularly monitor legislation and interact with state legislators and other government leaders, seeking to provide a unified voice for traditional Judeo-Christian values. Our experienced staff provide position papers to legislators and testify at public hears and committee meetings to provide an intelligent, informed viewpoint.

Concerned about a particular piece of Michigan legislation? Call us at 517-321-1390 or send us an email at and let us know.



     We Support:

  • Dismemberment Abortion Ban: HB 4320, HB 4321, SB 229, SB 230: Creates sentencing and establishes the crime of performing a dismemberment abortion.
  • Ban on State Contracts with Abortion Providers: HB 4322: Prohibit the state to enter into funding contracts with abortion providers.
  • Pain Capable Unborn Child Act: SB 165, SB 166: Creates the “pain capable unborn child protection act” which would require that a physician must take into account the ability of an unborn child before performing an abortion.
  • Born Alive BillsSB 814SB 815: Creates protection and requires medical care for babies that survive abortion procedures.
  • Require Information to Reverse the Effects of Abortion Pill:  HB 5374: would modify and require informed consent that information on how the effects of mifepristone can be reversed to prevent abortion.
  • Dismemberment Ban Petition Drive & Ballot Initiative: CTV worked closely with Right to Life of Michigan to support the Dismemberment Ban, which would effectively end most abortions in Michigan if adopted.

     We Oppose:

  • Michigan Abortion Laws Repeal: HB 4113, HB 4115, HB 4116, SB 50, SB 52, SB 53: Would repeal long standing Michigan law that creates penalties for administering abortion procedures with the intent to produce a miscarriage. Would also remove reference to criminal sentencing guidelines.
  • Reproductive Health Care Act: HB 5179, HB 5180, HB 5181, HB 5182, HB 5183, HB 5184, HB 5185: Creates the Reproductive Health Care act, which makes abortion a “fundamental” right and prohibits the state from regulating the practice.


     We Support:

  • Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Funding: HB 4286: Makes appropriations and reporting requirements to fund wrongful imprisonment compensation.
  • Civil Asset Forfeiture: HB 4001: Requires a criminal conviction before proceeding with civil asset forfeiture.
  • Stricter Penalties for Child Abuse: SB 0029: Increases penalties for third and fourth degree child abuse.


     We Support:

  • Home School Work Permits: HB 4262: Would allow a parent or guardian to issue a work permit for a minor that is being home-schooled.
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline Number on School ID Cards: HB 5482: Would require schools to publish a suicide prevention hotline telephone number on every school ID card.

     We Oppose:

  • Sex Ed : HB 5499: Would require school districts to teach contraceptive use, “to affirmatively recognize that people have different sexual orientations,” and to “teach students about gender, gender identity and gender expression.”


     We Support:

  • Kinship Care HB 5443 and HB 5444: These bills create support programs and resources for extended family who are raising children, such as grandparents raising their grandchildren. This legislation helps keep at-risk children out state-run foster care and in the more stable and healthy environment that their family can provide.
  • Anti-Exploitation Background Checks for Childcare Professionals HB 5649 and HB 5660: broaden the scope of existing laws to prevent children from becoming victims of sex trafficking and exploitation by providing more stringent background checks for childcare licensing and stricter prosecution of traffickers.
  • Resolution Declaring Pornography a Public Health Crisis HCR 14 : declares pornography a public health crisis and cites harms including the fact that pornography creates “toxic” expectations and behaviors and normalizes violent sexual crimes like rape, abuse, prostitution, and sex trafficking. The language of HCR 14 further elaborates on developmental risks to children who are exposed to pornography and the destabilizing effect pornographic addictions can have on individuals and families.

      We Oppose:

  • Elliot-Larsen Amendment: SB 351: This bill would amend the Elliot-Larsen civil rights act to include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected statuses.
  • Elliot-Larsen Amendment Petition Drive & Ballot Initiative: A ballot initiative organized by Fair and Equal Michigan, would amend the Elliot-Larsen civil rights act to include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected statuses without regard for religious conscience.  The proposal would increase discrimination across our state.


     We Support:

  • Campus Free Speech Act: HB 4436: Creates act that protects free and open speech on publicly funded university and college campuses.
  • Repeal Campaign Fundraiser Headcounts: HB 5152: Eliminates the requirement to report the number of people in attendance at a campaign fundraiser.
  • Prohibit Sanctuary Cities: SB 382, SB 383: Creates a framework of laws that prohibits counties and local governments from adopting sanctuary policies.

     We Oppose:

  • Red Flag Laws: SB 156, SB 157, SB 158, HB 4283, HB 4284, HB 4285: Creates the extreme risk protection act, which would allow for court ordered removal of firearms from an individual, colloquially known as “red flag” laws.


     We Support:

  • Warning Labels on Marijuana: HB 4126: requirement to place health warning labels on marijuana products.
  • Stricter Penalties for Unauthorized Marijuana Establishments: HB 5549: requirement to place health warning labels on marijuana products.

Health/Healthcare legislation we oppose

  • Free Birth Control: SB 388: Would require that health insurance providers in Michigan must entirely cover (provide for free) all forms of FDA approved contraceptives and birth control.
  • Increasing the Limit on Marijuana Growth: HB 5547, HB 5548 : While these bills allow for stricter penalties for illegal growth, they also allow for a substantial increase in the amount of recreational and medicinal marijuana that could be grown in our state.


     We Support:

  • Prohibit Discrimination Against Employees who Refuse Microchip Implantation: HB 5672: adds protection for individuals who choose not to allow their employer to implant a microchip into their body; prohibits microchip compliance as being a condition of employment.


     We Oppose:

  • Historical Gaming: SB 0661: would allow for pari-mutuel wagering on horse races run in the past.