Political Action Committee

What's it all about?

The Citizens for Traditional Values Political Action Committee (CTV-PAC) is registered with the state of Michigan as an “Independent Committee” for the purpose of supporting candidates for political office.

If you would like to be considered for a Citizens for Traditional Values Political Action Committee endorsement for the upcoming August 2018 Primary Election, please complete the questionnaire in full via the form below.

Characteristics of a good candidate

There are a few characteristics that make a good candidate. Find out just what it looks like and what it takes to be eligible for PAC contributions.

Seeking the CTV-PAC Endorsement

After you have filed your candidacy with the State of Michigan, those who are running for State House seats and higher will receive a letter notifying you of the opportunity to fill out our questionnaire

Distributing Voter Guides

n the final days leading up to an election Voter Guides may be obtained from CTV and/or other organizations, such as Michigan Family Forum or Michigan Right To Life, to educate church members.

Register to Vote

Make sure you are ready for the upcoming political campaign season by registering to vote. There is no better way to have your voice heard!

Paid for with regulated funds by Citizens for Traditional Values Political Action Committee, PO Box 80925, Lansing, MI 48908