Key Michigan Legislation

Why does CTV track legislation?

CTV strives to be a voice for your values in the public arena and to keep you informed about critical issues. We advocate on important topics affecting issues such as: the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, family values, religious freedom and limited government.

We regularly monitor legislation and interact with state legislators and other government leaders, seeking to provide a unified voice for traditional Judeo-Christian values. Our experienced staff provide position papers to legislators and testify at public hears and committee meetings to provide an intelligent, informed viewpoint.

Concerned about a particular piece of Michigan legislation? Call us at 517-321-1390 or send us an email at and let us know.


Abortion legislation we support:

  • Dismemberment Abortion Ban: HB 4320, HB 4321, SB 229, SB 230: Creates sentencing and establishes the crime of performing a dismemberment abortion.
  • Ban on State Contracts with Abortion Providers: HB 4322: Prohibit the state to enter into funding contracts with abortion providers.
  • Pain Capable Unborn Child Act: SB 165, SB 166: Creates the “pain capable unborn child protection act” which would require that a physician must take into account the ability of an unborn child before performing an abortion.

Abortion legislation we oppose:

  • Michigan Abortion Laws Repeal: HB 4113, HB 4115, HB 4116, SB 50, SB 52, SB 53: Would repeal long standing Michigan law that creates penalties for administering abortion procedures with the intent to produce a miscarriage. Would also remove reference to criminal sentencing guidelines.
  • Reproductive Health Care Act: HB 5179, HB 5180, HB 5181, HB 5182, HB 5183, HB 5184, HB 5185: Creates the Reproductive Health Care act, which makes abortion a “fundamental” right and prohibits the state from regulating the practice.

Criminal Procedure legislation we support:

  • Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Funding: HB 4286: Makes appropriations and reporting requirements to fund wrongful imprisonment compensation.
  • Civil Asset Forfeiture: HB 4001: Requires a criminal conviction before proceeding with civil asset forfeiture.

Education legislation we support

  • Home School Work Permits: HB 4262: Would allow a parent or guardian to issue a work permit for a minor that is being home-schooled.

Family legislation we oppose

  • Elliot-Larsen Amendment: SB 351: This bill would amend the Elliot-Larsen civil rights act to include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected statuses.

Government legislation we support

  • Campus Free Speech Act: HB 4436: Creates act that protects free and open speech on publicly funded university and college campuses.
  • Repeal Campaign Fundraiser Headcounts: HB 5152: Eliminates the requirement to report the number of people in attendance at a campaign fundraiser.
  • Prohibit Sanctuary Cities: SB 382, SB 383: Creates a framework of laws that prohibits counties and local governments from adopting sanctuary policies.

Government legislation we oppose

  • Red Flag Laws: SB 156, SB 157, SB 158, HB 4283, HB 4284, HB 4285: Creates the extreme risk protection act, which would allow for court ordered removal of firearms from an individual, colloquially known as “red flag” laws.

Health/Healthcare legislation we support

  • Warning Labels on Marijuana: HB 4126: requirement to place health warning labels on marijuana products.

Health/Healthcare legislation we oppose

  • Free Birth Control: SB 388: Would require that health insurance providers in Michigan must entirely cover (provide for free) all forms of FDA approved contraceptives and birth control.