Citizenship Sunday

Encouraging our churches

What's it all about?

CTV encourages churches to periodically (during the year) promote Citizenship Sundays to highlight the importance of Christian citizenship and to pray for those in authority.

Purpose of a Citizenship Sunday:

  • It provides you something to build towards.
  • It gives you a specific opportunity to remind your congregation to pray for our nation and leaders.
  • It could lead into opportunities to educate your congregation regarding relevant issues.
  • It also provides an opportunity for voter registration and distribution of absentee ballot applications (both of which are non-partisan).

While CTV suggests dates and themes below, we also encourage you to host a Citizenship Sunday on a day and with a theme that works best for your congregation. Get creative and craft a plan that energizes and serves your church family!

Suggested Dates:

January: use the Sunday closest to the Roe v Wade Anniversary to highlight the sanctity of life.

May: use the Sunday closest to Memorial Day to honor our veterans and troops and sacrifice.

July: use the Sunday near July 4 to celebrate our Judeo-Christian heritage and freedom. In Election years you can also use it as an opportunity to remind people of the importance of voting in the August Primary Elections.

October: choose a Sunday prior to November to highlight the importance of being a responsible Christian citizen and voting in the General Election.

Check List for Citizenship Sunday:

Treat this Sunday as a huge effort because it is a great service to your church family! Once you have the pastor/Church leaders’ permission, start planning right away.

There are many ways to participate in Citizenship Sundays, including Church bulletin announcements or inserts, a sermon, special music, prayers and scripture reading.

  • Start publicizing at least two weeks before the day of the event.
  • Promote the Citizenship Sunday using different means, but it will be especially effective coming from the Pastor in the pulpit.
  • Provide opportunities for peers to get engaged; suggest efforts they might be interested in; highlight resources for your church family to consider for further education.
  • Use a theme (i.e. serving the community, patriotism, pro-life Sunday, etc.).
  • Put up a table at the back of the church with the following information:
-Handouts with names of current community and state leaders as reminders to pray for all those in authority.
-Voter Registration forms
-CTV brochures
-Voter Absentee Ballot Applications
-Other helpful resources that you feel would be helpful to your congregation